Thackery Earwicket
March hare
Portrayed By: Paul Whitehouse
Also Known As: The March Hare
Affiliation: Mirana
Profession: Chef
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Gray/Brown
Eye Color: Yellow
Species: Hare
Homeland: Underland

Thackery Earwicket, more commonly known as the March Hare, is the White Queen's chef. Thackery makes the finest soup in Underland, and throws the best tea partys. He is voiced by Paul Whitehouse. He behaves as if constantly nerve-wracked and completely delirious. Thackery has a strong Scottish accent, while his friend the Mad Hatter switches into a Scottish accent as well whenever his emotions are strained. He is first seen in the "Tea Party" scene, which takes place at his "Hare House" windmill. The March Hare hosts a tea party, which he shares with Tarrant Hightopp the Mad Hatter, Mallymkun the Dormouse, and Chessur the Cheshire Cat. He then appears a second time in the White Queen's kitchen, frantically cooking and throwing dishes. His third appearance is at the Frabjous Day scene, in which he stands with the other characters wielding a ladle as his weapon, nervous and somewhat ready to go to battle. Burton stated that because Whitehouse is a great comedic actor, a lot of his lines came from improvisation. In the book, his fighting style is to pick up one enemy and throw him at another.

In the video game, Thackery is a playable character. His special ability is Telekinesis and he attacks by throwing teacups. He also uses his big feet and large ears as weapons.

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