Wonderland is the strange place visited by Alice.Wonderland includes a beautiful garden,an ocean (presumably the Crimson Sea),and a forest.In the 2010 film it is called Underland,which is its actual name.It is inhabited by Chesire Cat,White Rabbit,March Hare ,Mad Hatter ,the Caterpillar and the Duchess.Its ruler is the Queen of Hearts.Half the population are peculiar and anthropomorphic creatures.In the 2010 film it is a bleak desolate place.In the second book,Alice discovers another part of Wonderland by walking through the Looking Glass.That part's inhabitants are the White Knight,King and Queen,The Red Queen,King and Knight,Tweedledum and Tweedledee and the Gnat.Wonderland is also used to describe other lands which operate under arbituary or eccentric rules of physics.In the 2010 film,it consists of six provinces,with the remaining two more being homes of the rulers.There is also Snud which means southern Underland.And Queast,which is eastern Underland.There is also Salazen Grum which is a city which you have to get to either by the Red Desert or the Crimson Sea.Many have,though,died trying to cross the sea and the desert.

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